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OLIMPIC SAILS produces many sails for cruising yachts; sails planned for those who want to set out to sea without hassle, who want to enjoy themselves and spend their leisure time pleasantly.

More so than in the past, a cruising sail has to be not only long-lasting but also fast and light, and offer a modern aesthetic.

This is why, alongside panelled sails, OLIMPIC SAILS has also developed cruising sails using Macros and Space technology, obtaining results that are far superior to those of traditional sails. Each single sail is closely planned in terms of form, material and details in accordance with the owner’s requirements, in order to facilitate this form of sailing.



Cruising spinnakers have also undergone considerable developments in recent years, and OLIMPIC SAILS has used the innovations tested on regatta sails to introduce a series of sails that are as robust, fast and easy to use as possible.

And with the help of the personalised accessories OLIMPIC SAILS offers, it will always be simple to hoist and adjust your downwind sails.



This is a sail designed to cover points closer to the wind, up to 40-45° of apparent wind. The materials used range from nylon to laminates, and the sail is accompanied by a spectra or anti-twist stay and furlers to facilitate its use.



This is an asymmetric spinnaker with all-round cut making it possible to bear up to 50° apparent and beyond when the wind is light and bear away to 160° and beyond in fresh winds. It is constructed of robust and less rigid materials than racing sails in order to make it possible to tackle all wind conditions. With the help of a snuffer, its use is possible even with less expert crews.



This has a smaller surface area, a narrower head angle and a flatter profile than a gennaker. These features make it possible to furl it, and its range of use is ideal between 50° and 150° of apparent wind.