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EGO 333

EGO333 is the new double thought for 8 to 15 years old boys.

The main EGO333's objective is that of giving to the new sailor's generation the possibility to develop since the very first experiences the proper outlook to fit in the world of modern sailing.

The project has had as an objective that one of responding to the fondamental requirements such as stability and boat's resilience, no renouncing to speed, beauty and modernity of the lines.

Particular attention was paid to building materials and methods, aiming at obtaining a very well balanced final product, in the eyes of structural rigidity, weigh and resistence in time.

The sail plan provides a 4.97 mq square top mainsail, which can be lowered to the ground and carries two inflatables, a 1,82 mq jib, to which a 5.93 mq gennaker adds up, armed with retractable bowsprit.

To comply with the federal regulations for under 12 years old boys, the total surface of the mainsail and jib measures less than 7 mq. The sails production of the EGO333 is an exclusive to Olimpic Sails.