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Macros touring around the world - First 12.000 miles


We’re proud to post Hans and Ursula’s feedback on our sails from Rarotonga.

After sailing many miles in the Mediterranean, in September 2014 they’ve started their new adventure: a 3 Years Circumnavigation!

Ursula’s only condition was to come back home every Christmas!

For this challenge they gave their confidence to Olimpic Sails once again and their Solaris 48 “NOE” is equipped with a Fullbatten Mainsail and a Furling Genoa made with our exclusive Macros Touring membranes, double-taffeta/black aramid fibers.
We believe their words below are our best advertisement!

From: Hans Schulz Sent: Saturday, August 01, 2015 6:54 AM

Subject: Hello from Rarotonga

Dear Max,

As far as the sails are concerned we are very happy. Over the last 11 months when we started in Varazze we sailed 12500 nm from 9° East to 160° West. Almost half around the world. Do to the nice design of our Solaris 48 almost all of the 12500 nm are under sail. We used our engine for only 200h mainly for manoeuvring in ports and on anchorages, the crossing of the Panama Canal and some hours of motor sailing around the equator.

The maximum true wind speed we have experienced was 8bft for a short while when we sailed from Curacao along the Columbian cost to Cartagena. There we sailed with our small jib only. 7bft we had quite serval times but the majority of our sailing was between 4 and 6bft, mainly reaching, running and close beating…almost straight upwind!
With the exception of the area around the equator we had not to deal with calms. When the wind was low and the sails started to flap or slat we reduced the sail area to reduce the effect. This was helpful both for the main and the genoa.

Crossing the Atlantic we were a party of 3 on board we used the Spinnaker during the day when we sailed down wind. Since the Caribbean we are only 2 on board and we don’t use the Spinnaker anymore. Down wind up to 4 bft we pole out the genoa with the Spinnaker pole. Above that wind speed there is enough pressure on the sail to sail without the pole. At about 6bft we take the main away and sail with the genoa only where we still sail about 200nm in 24h. The record so far was 216nm which we sailed with 4 to 5bft with the genoa and one reef in the main sail.

The sails are in pretty good shape and we don’t need repair work by a sailmaker. As far as I can judge the profile of the main and the genoa are as new, at least I don’t see any reduction of our speed.

The main looks almost new with only a very few signs of wear where reefing lines or the lazy jacks have rubbed on the sail. The new reefing pulleys are working fine. The pulleys at the luff start to get worn but because there is no movement once the sailed is reefed.

The lowest batten split into three parts at the first half meter from the luff. We fixed it with tape and sailed since Antigua without any problem. We will change it in New Zealand.

The genoa shows a little bit more signs of wear but not dramatic at all and confined to the area where the genoa touches the pulpit. UV protection and the leech are still ok. We will give the genoa to a sailmaker in New Zealand to rework the area around the pulpit to be sure that the genoa will last also for the second part of the circumnavigation.

The small jib we have not used so much but when we used it we were very happy to have such a small sail instead of furling the genoa to one third.

Spinnaker and Gennaker are still the original ones and no issue to report about it.

Best Regards,

Hand and Ursula

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Olimpic Sails Staff