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New 420 radial jib


We are glad to announce that the new 420 radial jib is ready !

The radial jib has been tested in all conditions and with different teams for more than 7 months and finally we have it ready for launching in the market.

The new jib is a 3 battens radial jib developed with the latest technology in terms of softwares and materials.

The design is brand new, focus on providing the best angle without losing power in choppy conditions.

The battens are completely revolutionary, never used before on a 420 jib. The battens are made in PURE a fabric, non plastic material, that allows to have the same technical characteristic of the plastic battens, but with severals advantages; 

- symmetry on the jib

- lightest

- directly sew on the jib

- increased durability

The SV5 cross-cut jib will remain in production given to the very good performances provided and it will remain produced with the same technical specifications. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further question.

O.S. Staff