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Olimpic Sails is proud to present our new Optimist PLATINUM M mainsail, the revolutionary model of the already existing Platinum, that is the mainsail for athletes over 46kg.

This new mainsail, developed together with Marcello Meringolo, is the result of months of research and development, not only of the sail's shapes, but also of the building materials, and we thank Dimension Poliant for its support and availability for test materials.

The team composed of Matteo Sangiorgi (Olimpic Sails OD specialist), Renzo Sorci (OS head of designers), Marcello Meringolo (Italian national opti coach and DT Fraglia Vela Riva) and Luca di Lorenzo (OS OD Head of production) has gone the extra mile to do tests in the sail loft and the sea. Test with all major boats and rigs brands have been performed to evaluate the performances of this new model in all weather conditions.

Specifically with the PLATINUM M, the main focus was to develop a high performance mainsail with mild wind. To achieve this goal, the research of the right material was fundamental and, after several examinations, the Dimension Poliant 140 OD was identified as the best choice. One of the most delicate aspects of creating a new sail is the choosing the perfect cloth; in particular, for the Optimist class the rule 6.2.2 sets some clear restrictions for an unusual aspect for regulations, the thickness.

Olimpic Sails has a 30 years long experience with this class, since the 80s, using and testing a wide variety of materials following the class rules, acquiring a great database. Unfortunately, its often believed that the denominations of cloths correspond to its actual weight, which is absolutely untrue, creating great confusion and wrong conclusions, which led us to always be inflexible on the market's cloth, and on tests the manufacturers wanted to propose.The current cloth used for the PLATINUM M, manufactured by Dimension Polyant, includes all elements which make it the best for the Optimist Class compared to its competitors, lightness (down to 50 grams on the finished sail), linear and more balanced mechanical endurance also when highly loaded, minimal wear and tear. Moreover, the cloth is less rigid which gives the sail a greater responsiveness to restore its shape when tacking and an easier leech control in a gust of wind for such a powerful sail. All these elements, along with a very high standard production by its manufacturer, which certifies the cloth's lots with characteristics that satisfy our planning requirements, guarantee the sailor with quality and repeatability of the final product. 

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