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We make sails for Optimists able to win in all conditions. We are aware of the importance of our experience: we have made more than 40,000 sails that have been to every corner of the globe.

Our strong point is our constant research, combined with the high standard of quality of our product. Continuous sea tests in collaboration with the best sailors and instructors at a worldwide level enable us to improve and always lead in this class.

The results speak better than any technical descriptions: Olimpic Sails has been World Champion 15 times in the past 20 years. No other sail maker in the world can match this result!



Cut Crew weight Model
Cross cut < 38 Kg RED
35 - 41 S RACE
38 - 44 Kg M RACE
> 45 Kg L RACE

NOTE: Above weight range are to be meant as “suggested”; the final choice should be taken bearing in mind the technical level and skills as well as the physical characteristics of each athlete.



Cut Crew weight Model
Radial 38 - 46 Kg RADIAL

The latest versions of our radial sails have more powerful entries, the maximum depth moved forward and even flatter exits. All these elements make it easier to trim the sail and greatly simplify the excessive sensitivity on the sheet, which penalises less expert crews with the earlier models. Now it is possible to make the most of the increased power and benefits of the radial cut.


  Crew weight Model
School 30 - 60 Kg Optimist

For the past few years, we have also been making low-cost Optimist sails for sailing schools. These sails are made of less delicate and more long-lasting “un-tempered” Dacron. The battens are included in the price, but the sails are supplied without window, bag or sail number (purchasable on request). They are also without the Optimist logo and royalty and cannot as a result be used in regattas.