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Olimpic Sails’ mission has always been the pursuit of technical development and innovation. Thanks to this philosophy, the sail-maker’s 30 years of history have been marked by repeated success in regattas throughout the world.

Today, Olimpic is better able than ever to meet the demands of boat owners by offering completely custom-made sails for any offshore yacht.

Using the new Macros and Space technologies, Olimpic is able to design the volumes, structure and position of every single fibre in a sail and, above all, to construct its own membranes without having to make use of third-party suppliers.

In this way, in controlling the entire production process of every sail – one of the few sail-makers which can make this boast – Olimpic can maintain the highest standards of quality.



In recent years, downwind sails have undergone a considerable evolution, adapting themselves to modern sail plans, to the point that they sometimes overlap traditional sails when sailing closer to the wind on points of sailing in which genoas are not particularly efficient and spinnakers produce more yawing than speed.

This has led to Olimpic Sails working hard on designs resulting in new types of sail, such as the roller-furled Code0 upwind or downwind sails, together with spinnakers and asymmetric sails designed for each type of boat and various rating formulae, in which form and material rather than surface area, play a winning role.

The diagram below provides an overall indication of ideal usage.




This is a sail designed to cover the closest points to the wind, up to 40/45° apparent wind angle. The materials used range from nylon to laminates, and the sail is accompanied with a spectra or anti-twist stay and roller furlers to facilitate its use.


S0 - A0:

This is a sail whose principal use is in coastal regattas, on points of sail between a close reach and beam reach with little wind and a broad reach when the wind strengthens.


S1 – A1:

This is the lightest and smallest sail. It is used in light breezes when sailing close to the wind and trying to maintain boat speed whenever it is possible to bear up.


S2 – A2:

When the wind increases, it is time to change to this sail so as to be able to bear up without slowing the boat. It has a deeper profile with constant curves, and is as large as possible.


S3 – A3:

This sail maintains the same characteristics as the S2 or A2 but uses a more robust material so as not to deform as the wind increases.


S4 – A4:

This is a sail for strong winds: flatter, heavier, smaller. The profile has been designed to add stability to the boat in critical conditions.