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Writings in adhesive PVC, screen printed or in adhesive Dacron. Graphic designs for banners, sails, boats, flags and so on. If you have a sponsor or if you simply want a writing or a logo to apply on your hull or on your sails, ask for an estimate, attaching the image you want to develop. We can show you the preview and give you information on the break-up price.


We offer checking and repair services of any dimension.

In case the client demands it, it is possible to agree on the sails disassembly and assembly. It is also offered the opportunity to guard your sails in our warehouse during the winter months or periods when these are not used.


0 - 20 € 3,80 for
20 - 40 € 3,50 for
40 - 60 € 3,00 for
60+ € 2,80 for

22% VAT and possible pick up/delivery prices not included.


In case of particular dirt such as mildew, rust, tar, etc. the sail will be pre-emptively examined in order to provide an accurate estimate.


50% discount on the washing list price.