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Olimpic Sails began making Snipe sails about 20 years ago, over time acquiring significant experience in this class. It has achieved numerous important and prestigious wins and helped in the victory of many National Championships and last 3 Worlds.

Subsequently, other leading names in this class have joined our testing team, including Peter Commette, Ernesto Rodriguez and Manu Hens, thanks to whom our product is kept up-to-date so as to offer the best performance always, as proven by the many international victories.

The latest versions of our CRC and XPM mainsails, matched with the AR2-F and XPJ jibs are easy to trim and offer a guarantee of success.



  Model Cut Notes
Mainsail CRC Cross cut IMPORTANT:
always specify the type of mast used when ordering.
XPM Cross cut with radial head
GTM Cross cut with radial head
Jib AR2-F Cross cut  
XPJ Cross cut
GTJ Radial



The CRC main is the latest evolution of the earlier models. The sail has greater mast bend, is more powerful in the lower section and has less volume atop. These characteristics make it especially fast in low winds, because the leech does not close at the top and is thus easy to trim. This mainsail continues to prove itself a winner and is one of the most requested sails worldwide.


The XPM mainsail has less mast bend, more volume high up and is flatter in the lower section. The trimming in light winds is more critical, and care has to be taken not to close the leech too much at the top, but it is especially fast in winds of 8-10 knots and up.




This jib was born as an evolution of the earlier models to adapt to the greater tensions used by many crews. The depth in the front section has been increased to make this sail more powerful and facilitate the ride over waves.


The XPJ jib has been designed to be fast and easy to trim in medium to strong winds. The leech is more linear and less twisted and requires careful trimming with the sheet below 8 knots of wind in order not to close it too much at the top.