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Olimpic Sails has always worked to combine its development with the adoption of new and more advanced, more important technologies to meet the requirements of each owner and offer completely custom-made products for the market suitable for any offshore yacht. With its technologies, Olimpic Sails is able to design the volumes, structure and position of each single fibre in the sail and, above all, to make its own single-line membranes without having to turn to outside suppliers.

OLIMPIC SAILS contributed for the development of SMAR-Azure and uses it as software to design its sails. SMAR-Azure is a complete program making it possible to design the volume of the sail and then plot the fibre of the sail, choosing type, density and position of each single fibre. At this point, the position of the sail on the boat’s rigging is simulated and a precise fluid-dynamic and structural analysis of the sail designed is effected. Only at the end of this process the production of an OLIMPIC sail can start, laminating the underlying membrane using a new and completely automatic system. The result of this process is a unique, versatile and exceptional product in terms of performance and long life.



This is a technologically advance laminate obtained through a combination of pressure, vacuum and high temperatures. Download the whole brochure about Macros technology.





This is an innovative system perfected and patented by OLIMPIC SAILS. It makes it possible to construct sails with continuous fibres without limits of size, using extremely low-stretch fibres. Download the brochure about the Space process.

Fast Space


This is a new product planned by Olimpic Sails for owners who even while cruising, want the best in terms of performance and aesthetics from “membrane” sails. Download the brochure about Fast Space process.