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The UFO OD class has always been highly active and even today, helmsmen and crews of a high level contend the leadership in this class in the circuit of regattas.
Olimpic Sails has shown an interest in this class since it was first created, and the results achieved by our sails are unmatched: the numerous victories and national class championships, in particular in the past 5 editions, are prove positive of the fact.
The development in design started with the early tri-radial mylar and polyester sails, and continued with the cross-cut multi-axial pentex sails, before arriving at today's mainsails and genoas, made of a Macros PHT film.



Originally made of panels, it is today made using the new Macros by Olisails technology in a black PHT fibre to create a sail that is as light and easy to adjust as possible.



The genoa is also made of black PHT Macros film.
The careful design of the layout of threads, especially in the leech, makes this sail fast and long-lasting, in particular avoiding an untimely rounding of the leech.



This is a battened sail for strong winds and is also made of black PHT Macros.



The latest development dates from 2012. The objective is a more stable sail in light and medium airs.
It is now made using a try-radial cut Superkote 75 fabric.



Mainsail Macros
Genoa Macros
Jib Macros
Spinnaker Tri-radial