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Back in 1999, when we began to concentrate our efforts on this class, we were already making use of the collaboration of the finest athletes and trainers. The research and development work continued in later years and now our sails are the most widespread around the world, and are consequently frequently chosen by the International Federation for numerous editions of the ISAF world championship.

The current models, the synthesis of our work of development and experimentation, have won national, continental and world men’s and women’s championships.

The Research & Development work (R&D) has continued every year and our sails are now to be seen around the world, achieving the best results.



  Model Cut Notes
XC Cross cut IMPORTANT: always specify the type of MAST used when ordering.
RDL "RUSH" Radial
SV5 Cross cut Battened
RDL "FAST" Radial
Spinnaker AP13 Cross cut Available in 2 fabrics:
(UL) Ultralight and (RS) RipStop
AP16 "BULLITT" Cross cut
AP19 Cross cut


XC (Cross Cut Flat)

This mainsail has been designed to offer a sail that is easier to trim. The performance is excellent, especially when used by female or light crews (110-115 kg).

RDL "RUSH" (Radial)

Like all radial sails, the RDL mainsail is more responsive to adjustments than a cross-cut. The form is more stable and there is a consequent increase in life. It requires closer attention and trimming with the sheet, base and cunningham to exploit all its potential in varied, changeable conditions.

Both models are available for Superspar M7, Proctor Kappa and Proctor Cumulus masts.



SV5 (Cross cut)

Initially, we thought that a single model would be the best and simplest solution. This jib’s form, with slightly flatter profile in the lower part and fuller in the centre, make it easy to adjust and an all-round performer offering high performance.

RDL "FAST" (Radial)

It's a 3 battens radial jib developed with the latest technology in terms of softwares and materials. The design is brand new, focus on providing the best angle without losing power in choppy conditions.




A development of the AP8 model, this new version optimises depth with an improved link in the areas of greatest volume. Like the earlier version, it has shown itself to be very fast and stable in all conditions and every point of sail.


This is an all round spinnaker characterized by incredible stern performances which, thanks to some technical expedients, works perfectly on a broad reach as well. The main goals of its development were to obtain the greater surface area exposed in beam and broad reach, especially broad reach, and a steadiness of its shape in order to give this sail high performances and simplicity in its use, for the less expert crews too.

Special attention was given to the planning and creation of its reinforcements, in particular the head, to increase the extraordinary stability in all conditions.


Thanks to an intensive cooperation between our designers and the top coaches and teams of the class, we reached a perfect balance between the exposure of the sail and the stability of the shape. To get top performances sailors need to set it properly so we suggest it for expert sailors able to maximize its potentiality.

Our spinnakers are available in two types of fabric:

  • RIPSTOP (RS), a new fabric that is slightly heavier and more resistant to tearing, and hence more long-lasting. It is suited above all to fresh winds or less expert crews.


Tuning guide

Our latest sails are the result of a long process of research and development, which has been particularly intense during the recent racing seasons. Below are some recommendations for tuning your 420:

Download PDF



Sailing school Scuola vela

For the past few years, we have been making low-cost 420 sails for schools. These are made from “untempered” Dacron, which is less delicate and more long-lasting. The battens and bag are included in the prize, but the sails are supplied without window or sail numbers (which can be purchased on request). Moreover, they are without the 420 logo and class royalty and can therefore not be used in regattas. Available in a complete set of mainsail, jib and spinnaker.