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When Olimpic Sails was first set up in the 1980s, the first sails to be designed and made were for the 470, a class in which the firm’s founders, Demartis, Parladori and Bertocchi excelled. In later years, we have continued to follow the class with particular interest, and the results achieved have been among the most gratifying.

On top of innumerable national, continental and world titles, our list of prizes includes  two gold medals, a silver and three bronzes in the various editions of the Olympic Games.

The continuous experimentation on land and at sea means that our company has an enviable specific knowledge concerning 470 sails, thanks to which athletes around the world can daily depend on us for clear and exhaustive answers concerning any queries.

Olimpic Sails provide the simplest and fastest sails on the market. What’s our secret? The great care we take over materials and the precision in construction are certainly two essential factors, but our real strength lies in being able to count on the collaboration of the best international athletes, who test our sails for us. Every new model has to pass this test and only then will it go on sale, in order to guarantee a product that really does offer greater quality.



  Model Cut Notes
Mainsail PHOENIX Semiradial IMPORTANT:
Specify the type of mast used when ordering.
Jib PLUS Cross cut  

BOG (9 panels)


Cross cut

Cross cut

Available in 2 fabrics:
UL (Ultralight) and RS (RipStop)


PHOENIX - Semi-radial

The semi-radial mainsail is a perfect all-round sail resulting from the evolution of the profiles over the past few years. Even leaner in the lower part, it is now more powerful than ever and twisted (twistata?) in the upper section. Particular attention has been paid in making the exits “tauter” to optimise propulsive thrust.



An all-round cross-cut, powerful sail providing the perfect match to mainsails of the latest generation, which are leaner in lower section. It is particularly appreciated in choppy seas, thanks to its more powerful entry, which adds to the stability of the tell tales.


BOG (9 panels)

This marks the natural evolution of the BIG. It offers the ideal compromise of size, downwind performance and stability on a reach. It is also designed to improve performance in lighter winds and thus increase its range of use. However, given its size, this is nevertheless a spinnaker for sailors who are sensitive to their boat and experienced, if its great potential is to be exploited to the full.


It's a very powerful and technical model, developed in 2014.


Tuning guide

Here below you can download the 470 tuning guide:

Download PDF