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XXII Volta ao Algarve à Vela 2014


XXII Volta ao Algarve à Vela 2014 - Zdamen in testa alla flotta!

Siamo lieti di pubblicare l'e-mail di tono entusiasta inviata dal nostro rivenditore portoghese.

MACROS by Olimpic Sails colpisce ancora una volta!

***** From: Luis Raposo Verissimo Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 4:11 PM - Subject: Dufour 36 - Zdamen
Hi all,
After 4 days Racing with the new sails (main + genoa + asymmetric runner) from the Dufour 36 – Zdamen, just have a word for you all: TOPPPP!
Top sail design + top assembly + top finishing + a great crew handling = we won the regatta!
The genoa is for me the winner! The shape is perfect, the leech looks like a knife and is just on the max position. Very easy to trim for power, to open or close exit angle, and when fully close with inhaul, just touching on the D1! Light winds, with inhaul to hold the clew, and releasing a bit of the sheet, gets a perfect round shape on the bottom, and still allows the leech to open enough to get the perfect slot on the top. Heavy winds, full sheet on and the bottom gets flat!
Love the shoulders of that white monster you build! We here going faster than the IMX40, on the pictures, with a bigger spinnaker! Excellent for the downwind.
The main looks like it have a slight excess of sag on the luff, but we where using the mast very strait. I’m sure that with heavy winds, we will need to give more pre-bend by releasing a bit of the D1 and D2, and flattening that wind entrance! And with light winds, we will probably need to also release a little of the main halyard.
The sails look just perfect, and we here going faster and higher than ever!!
Thanks guys for the excellent job,
Luis Raposo Verissimo *****