Olimpic Sails designs and builts cruising upwind sails for your boat and your way of sailing.

All elements are designed and built to work together in order to guarantee the best performance and maximum durability of the sail.

Our MACROS® technology, Olimpic Sails exclusive system, thanks to the complete control of the production cycle allow to create performing sails that are lighter and longer lasting than the traditional materials that are used.
Olimpic Sails is however available to make sails at lower costs than membranes through the use of the best traditional materials available on the market.


Olimpic Sails designs and manufactures its downwind sails according to the characteristics of the individual boat and the use.
The use of the best materials available on the market and the choice of the right shape are the key to the creation of sails that are easy to use on cruises and with high durability.

Thanks to forty years of experience, which only a few sailmakers in the world can boast, Olimpic Sails is therefore able to create downwind sails with very high performance and durability characteristics.