Rolling sails and laminates can create the right environment for the proliferation of mildew. The best solution is to wash and dry your sails well before storing them for the winter but in the unfortunate event that the mildew has appeared then we can help you mitigate the problem with a washing and an anti-mildew treatment.


Olimpic Sails can keep your sails in storage after washing, checking and folding or rolling them. Contact us to check the conditions of this service.


The salt crystals are corrosive, abrasive and hygroscopic and therefore absorb the water favoring the formation of mildew which damage the fibers and stiches including the aesthetic aspect. A careful washing of your sails therefore guarantees a longer duration of the sails and makes them look new for a longer time. Our manual sails washing system follows a process that avoids damaging them and ensures greater control of the final result.


No time? Need help to remove your sails at the end of the season and to install them in the following season?
No problem, Olimpic Sails can solve your problem.
Our technicians will come to remove, collect, bring back and install your sails and will be at your disposal for any advice or need.


We always dedicate the same attention to repairing a sail, from a simple tear to complete reconstruction.
We dedicate the same attention to the structural as well as the aesthetic aspect so that your sail is repaired in the best possible way.


Our network of sailmakers is always available for last minute repairs.
Check which loft is closest to you and contact us to check availability.
We are present at various national and international regattas where we can offer our "24/7" service.


Do you want to improve the performance of your used sails? Our designers and technicians can check the shape of your sails to evaluate the opportunity to make simple changes that can increase the speed of your boat. Often a relatively simple and inexpensive change, such as changing the luff curve or the leech, can have a significant impact on the performance of your sail.


Regular maintenance of the sails increases their life.
The high level service and assistance carried out by our technicians who check the sail in all its parts, not only identifying the parts to be repaired but foreseeing the things that could break according to their state of wear, can help you avoid ruining a regatta or cruise that you had prepared with such care and passion.