MACROS® is a membrane obtained with a technologically advanced and constantly evolving lamination process; thanks to the constant work of our technicians and the collaboration with the University, the Sincrotrone and the Area di Ricerca of Trieste that test the materials we are using and those we are developing for the future.

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The entire production process takes place exclusively inside our laboratory; this allows us to supervise every single phase from A to Z in order to be sure of the high quality of the product placed on the market.

Testing all the materials used in our processes at University Research Centers and constant monitoring of the entire production chain to ensure compliance with the procedural parameters, from the reception of raw materials to the finishing details, allow us to offer the customer a quality standard very high.


The continuous Research and Development on materials and resistance tests carried out with the University and the Synchrotron of Trieste and many years of experience and positive results of the use of our membrane sails in all the seas of the world, allows us to offer our customers a 5-year delamination warranty (*).







(*) for yachts up to 80'



The MACROS® membrane is a composite material and the ability of designer and manufacturers consists precisely in the careful choice and dosage of each single component needed: from the "external skin", which can be the Film, the Taffetta or the Soft Shell (a very light Non-Woven fabric based on micro-fibers obtained from thermoplastic polymers), the type and doses of glues and solvents that vary according to the type of fibers used, up to the melting temperature, the pressure and the vacuum holding time.

The goodness of the final product lies precisely in the correct dosage of this delicate balance.

In Olimpic Sails we have acquired these skills thanks to forty years of experience on regatta fields all over the world for boats of any type and size. 



The choice of the best type, or the optimal mix, of the fibers used according to the target of each sail, as well as the attention to the finishing details, guarantee high performances.

At the same time, MACROS® membranes are reliable and long lasting.

This mix allows us to satisfy the most demanding sailors as well as those owners who prefer the duration of a sail while not giving up high performances.

Performance e durata


The art of the sailmaker consists in the "sartorial" skill with which each individual sail is custom-designed in order to fit perfectly according to the precise needs of each owner.