The downwind sails made by Olimpic Sails are the result of the forty-year experience of our designers from the Olympic boats to the Maxi racing and cruising yachts.

The downwind sails, symmetrical or asymmetrical, are designed by optimizing their shape, based on the characteristics of the boat and their use, to obtain the best VMG and made by choosing, on the basis of the aforementioned characteristics, the most suitable materials that guarantee lightness and low elasticity but at the same time high durability.

For the racing sails, the longer duration guarantees the stability of the shape which is the key to having a fast and stable sail, therefore easy to use.

For the aforementioned reasons Olimpic Sails uses the best materials available on the market to make your downwind sails.

If you want to find out the characteristics of the materials we use, consult the technical specifications on the manufacturers' websites.