Olimpic Sails designs sails in Laminate or Dacron, taking advantage of the refinement of its technological processes thanks to forty years of experience on the race courses, allowing to offer exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Our sails are built with the best Laminates and Dacron on the market.

The modern Dacrons are made with narrower weaves that guarantee better fabric stability over time which translates into better shape retention than in the past.

Modern laminates are designed to offer technical efficiency, durability and easy handling. The outer layers of polyester taffeta guarantee high tear resistance together with excellent elasticity and UV protection.

Our sails are completely finished by hand and are made with construction details that allow to increase the durability of a sail.

If you want to find out the characteristics of the materials we use, consult the technical specifications on the manufacturers' websites.

Dimension Polyant