Olimpic Sails was founded in 1980 by Claudio Demartis, Mauro Parladori and Roberto Bertocchi, united by a shared passion for sailing.
Since 2013 Claudio Demartis is no longer in the company.
In 2017 Stefano Longhi becomes partner of the company with the role of Quality and One Design Manager.
The first sail loft covered an area of 150m2. 600m2 the second, while the present one, inaugurated in 2001, has an area of 2,400m2.
Olimpic Sails’ history is rich in satisfaction and successes; successes resulting from constant research and development in the sail loft and from the presence of members of its workforce on race courses around the world. Today, Olimpic Sails is certainly one of the most well known sailmakers in the world.
Olimpic Sails is an independent company and is thus able to choose cutting-edge materials and technology without any constraints or group strategies. Unlike many other sailmakers, who buy laminates of various types from third parties, we produce membranes with oriented threads of any dimension on our own new automated machine. Our sails are produced using the latest design software which, integrated with simulation programs, check the three-dimensional form of the sail at a theoretical level and make it possible to simulate the loads it will have to support at every point according to varying wind speeds.