Olimpic Sails has always aimed to combine its development with the adoption of new and more advanced technologies, which are increasingly important to meet the needs of each owner and offer completely custom products on the market suitable for any offshore boat. With its own technologies Olimpic Sails is able to design the volumes, the structure and the positioning of each single fiber of the sail and above all to build its membranes directly,thanks to the MACROS® system, without having to contact external suppliers . In this way, Olimpic Sails maintains control over the entire production cycle of each sail, guaranteeing high quality standards. Olimpic Sails contributed to the development of SMAR-Azure which it uses for the design of the sails. SMAR-Azure is a complete program that allows you to draw the sail volume and then to design the fiber of the sail itself, choosing the type, density and positioning of each individual fiber. It is also possible to simulate the positioning of the sail on the equipment of the boat and proceed with a precise fluid-dynamic and structural analysis of the product made. Only at the end of this path is the Olimpic Sails sail put into production by laminating the base membrane by means of a fully automated system. The result of this process is a unique, versatile product, exceptional in performance and durability.